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Welcome!  Gizzi Appraisals, LLC is an experienced real estate appraisal firm providing service to most of New Jersey.  We specialize in residential appraisals for lending purposes, appraisals for estates, divorces, tax appeals, insurances - basically, anything that requires the valuation of real estate.

Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals licensed in both conventional and FHA appraisals.  The appraisers work primarily in their local areas, adding a close familiarity with their subjects' neighborhoods to the overall reliability and proficiency of their work.

Our office consists of a virtual network and state of the art technology to ensure that you get the highest quality service as quickly as possible.  We employ such technology as:

|         Digital Imaging

|         Accurate and efficient sketching and mapping software

|         AI Ready software·         

|        Electronic transmission

Contact our offices in Rumson at 732-212-8700 or email to find out how we can be of service.

A home is typically the largest investment of an individual's life.  All of our staff recognize and have experienced the ridiculous amount of stress and anxiety involved with purchasing and owning a home or property.  We strive to make our part of the process as simple as possible for our clients.